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Vision & Mission

  • Mission: To provide an efficient and quality Waste Plastic recycling and road haulage services throughout Africa that is regularly perceived as credible, trustworthy and affordable by everyone.
  • Vision: In our quest to helping create a better tomorrow today, we aim to improve the quality of our environments and to deliver food and pharmaceuticals to every corner of Africa.

    We intend to be the company of choice for Waste Plastic Recycling and haulage of agricultural and pharmaceutical products throughout Africa.

  • Goals:
    Haulage: Concerning Supply chain and logistics management, Geocrest short term goal is to use cargo trucks to transport medical supplies to various health centres and pharmaceutical depots. Our long term goal is to be involved in the shipment, storage and transportation of pharmaceutical supplies and subsequently distribute to various communities in every corner of Africa. With Agribusiness, we plan on transporting farm produce to food processing centres and urban areas in the short term. In the long term, we aim at managing large food storage facilities at designated locations and subsequently transporting them to consumers and food processing industries in every part of Africa.

    Waste Plastic Recycling: Geocrest short term objective in the Waste Plastic Recycling industry is to assist in the collection of waste plastics. The waste plastics will then be recycled into pellets and exported. In the long term, Geocrest will secure strategic partnerships to set up and operate Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plants with the aim to improve the resource efficiency of developing countries by helping them see waste as an economic resource.




Waste Plastic Recycling

Who are we?


Geocrest Company Limited is a Limited Liability company incorporated under the laws of The Republic of Ghana in 2010.

Our business is in the road haulage and Waste Plastic Recycling industries in Ghana.


 ACP Estates, Pokuase

 +233 - (0)50 - 477 - 7006

 +233 - (0)50 - 477 - 7006

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