Cyril Kofi Darkwa

Cyril Kofi Darkwa

MSc – Director, Business Development
Mr. Cyril Darkwa is an astute Business Development professional with 8 years’ experience in developing new businesses mainly in the energy and oil and gas industry.

Cyril played a key role in helping develop a standard Gas Purchase and Sale Agreement for use by Ghana’s Gas Regulating Authority at Ghana’s Energy Commission.

Cyril’s expertise also cuts across Technical Regulations, reviewing technical policy papers regarding energy legislations as well as reviewing policy papers on issues relating to the regulation of natural gas in the oil and gas industry.

Cyril was previously responsible for the development of MSIS West Africa Limited, an environmental service provider and AquaTerra Solutions, two Scottish companies operating in Ghana’s oil and gas industry.

Cyril previously worked as an Energy Advocate Manager with British Gas Plc., the largest supplier of gas, electricity and home service products in the UK. At British Gas, Cyril was tasked with account management of the UK Energy Regulator (OFGEM) cases relating to all aspects of energy supply, evaluated progress status of all system related, UK Energy Regulator (OFGEM) and inter-supplier issues and intervening where applicable to ensure smooth transitions.

As far as technical training was concerned, Cyril was involved in identifying learning opportunities and feeding this into the Energy expert learning system and upgrading the knowledge of other managers.

Cyril holds a BSc. (Hons) in Natural Resource Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi and a MSc. (Eng.) degree in Environmental Engineering and Project Management from University of Leeds in UK.