Our team of experts investigates subsurface conditions in the Earth by measuring, analyzing, and interpreting physical fields to determine what lies directly beneath the surface of the earth. We are able to investigate to various depths and adhere to various testing protocols.

Our principal geotechnical engineers have extensive experience in the design and construction of mining and civil infrastructure projects in Africa.

We provide cost effective, accurate, and comprehensive geotechnical analysis and designs in addition to our field investigation capabilities. This in-depth knowledge of the landscape provides our clients with the specific data necessary to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.


Our Key services include;

  • Geotechnical Site Investigations - Drilling, In-situ testing, Test Pitting and sampling.
  • Laboratory Management and Material Testing - Soil, Rock and Concrete.
  • Geo-monitoring - Supply of Monitoring Devices, Installation of Vibrating Wire Piezometers (VWPs), Shape Arrays and Inclinometers. Installation of Telemetry system.

We apply innovative thinking to hydrogeology problems.Our Hydrogeologists determine the optimal project solutions by analyzing the distribution of groundwater in soil and rocks to our client's satisfaction.


Our Key services include;

  • Groundwater numerical simulations
  • Hydrogeochemical analysis
  • Mine water and Recharge studies
  • Installation of monitoring boreholes and standpipe piezometers
  • Bathymetric surveys